2015 Thumper won the Hawaii Shred Skate Parks Competition.

In 2012 Thumper moved back to Hawaii.

In 2011 he came in 4th in the King of Warriors Vert Competition in Barcelona

2010  Thumper came in 5th in The Moscow Invitational on vert.

2nd C-Bus Throwdown
2nd Roc City Jam
Featured in the Woodward Brochure and DVD over 95,000 in print (combined)
Thumper 08/09 online edit over 7,000 views
1 Day with Thumper online edit over 10,000 views
Featured in WOODWARD spine online edit over 1,100 views
Featured in AIL Woodward West online edit over 3,400 views
Featured in HIRSC online edit over 3,600 views
On Verus, CBS, for the World Championships 2008
Visiting pro at Woodward camp

Featured on 2 Hawaiian Xtreme Sports Segments on OC16 (airs internationally)
Featured on Omni Hi Surveilance on OC16
6th World Championships (highest placing American)
Top 7 Pittsburgh Mr. Smalls Competition
Visiting pro Woodward Camp
On Verus, CBS, for the World Championships 2007


7th LG World Championships

5th LG Action Sports Tour San Diego

Woodward West and East visiting pro/instructor

Rollernews.com Thumper Nagasako Street, Park, Vert edit

Rollernews.com HIRSC

Hawaii Renaissance Video section and trailer on Rollernews.com

Won HIRSC 2007 Hawaii Real Street Competition

Segment on Hawaii Extreme Sports — Story about rollerblading in Hawaii

Segment on Hawaii Extreme Sports — Story about Thumper Nagasako

Featured in rollerblading film Barely Dead.

Featured in Highrollaz trailer on Barely Dead DVD

Wrote a story for One magazine

Story in Transition Magazine cover and full length story.

Story in Honolulu Advertiser

Channel OC16

Featured on Ballistic TV: Woodward East Segment, Gravity Games Segment, Cincinnati Segment.

2006 Coverage:

World Championships Manchester England aired world wide on major networks. FSN and OLN in America

aaaaaaplus foreign networks around the globe.

2005 Coverage:


Featured Celebrity in “10 Years Later” movie premiere with clips in the opening Ballstic TV Movie special.

Outdoor Life Network (OLN), and networks in Austrailia, and the Extreme Channel in the UK.

Commercial for the YOU-MESSE, Europe’s biggest youth sports expo and featured interview for the event.

US Championships,

MSS Pro Tour Sacramento,

MSS Pro Tour Cincinnati,

Ballistic TV Profile.

Xterra Planet Profile (aired over a hundred times across the country on verious networks including ABC and CBS)

Contest Results:

European Challenge, Berlin Germany 3rd Place (highest placing American) held at the YOU-MESSE the biggest European sports expo.

World Championships, Manchester England 7th Place (highest placing American)

LG US Championships 8th place (even though it’s US the event had riders from 6 different countries)

Mobile Skatepark Series (MSS) Pro Tour Sacramento, 5th Place

Mobile Skatepark Series (MSS) Pro Tour Cincinnati, 4th Place.

Print and other exposure:

Cover of the Mobile Skatepark Series (MSS) Holiday Card.

Maui News, mention as one of Maui’s “best of the best.”

“Got Milk” Demos at the LA Country Fair to promote tobacco-free kids.

6 weeks at Camp Woodward East and 1 week at Camp Woodward West (the biggest actions sports camp)

doing demos, hanging out and skating with campers. Camp Woodward has 10,000 campers per summer.

Picture in Fluid magazine.

Picture in Woodward West brochure.

Article in Hawaiian Airline’s in-flight magazine, called Hana Hou. Over 1 million people read Hana Hou Magzine.

Profile on e-hawaii.com http://e-hawaii.com/stars/index/thumper_nagasako/default.htm

*Uncountable website profiles and articles

Activities beyond skating:
*Meets up to 3,000 athletes per summer at Camps Woodward East and West, the top rated extreme sports training/camp facilities in the world. Athletes come from all over the world to train in gymnastics, in-line, BMX, and skateboarding. Thumper trains and teaches there about 6 weeks each summer.

*Owns, operates and promotes: highrollaz.org, an on-line community dedicated to uniting vert skaters.
*Owns, “HI-Focused Productions,”featuring custom videography and editing.
*Co-Owner of“Wild Alaskan Salmon.” Imports frozen wild salmon for wholesale and retail sales.

To be an ambassador for Hawaii in national and international contests; to proudly represent his corporate sponsors.
To continue to push his limits as an athlete and to be a spokesman and role model for his sport.


In an interview with Hawaii’s major newspaper, ASA (Aggressive Skate Association) president Rick Bratman said Nagasako put himself in elite company by qualifying for the X Games and Gravity Games in his first season. “It’s a tremendous honor, especially for a rookie,” said Bratman, who has traveled on the pro tour for seven years. “There are a very few rookies in the history of the sport who have qualified for the X Games and Gravity Games in their first year….Thumper is one of the bright young stars on the horizon.(and is a) wonderful ambassador” for the state. I think it’s great for Hawai’i to have an individual who has been born and raised there to go and travel the world and to represent Hawai’i,” Bratman said. “Not only is he a good skater, he’s a terrific kid, too. He’s always extremely polite and courteous. He’s definitely a joy to work with.”
Dubbed the “Rookie Sensation” by event organizer, Mark Shays…

Sports writer, Chris Mitchell, writing of the 2002 Amateur World Championships, which Thumper won, “ But his run was bested by the Hawaiian legend Thumper Nagasako….”

Michael Brackenhofer, professional photographer, in a letter, “We appreciated your work on our photo shoot not only because you are an excellent skater, but also because you have such a positive attitude and professional style.”

2004 Coverage:

Maui Shred-Rippers show on Island wide network
Maui YMCA Skate Parks video on Akaku, Island wide network
KITV NEWS About Thumper going to X-Games Qualifier statewide.
Venice Beach X-Games Qualifier televised on Fox Sports Net.
KITV NEWS about Thumper’s results a X-Games Qualifier.
X-Games televised in Brazil.
LG World Championships on Fox Sports Net, Fuel TV, and Extreme channel.
LG World Championships in Brazil (show contest different producers)

Camp Woodward Brochure
Harbinger Brochure
Free Nation Magazine Profile
Maui Weekly coverage of Venice Beach
Honolulu Advertiser Prior X-Games
Maui News at X-Games
Maui Weekly Prior X-Games
Cover LG World Championships Program w/bio.
Maui Weeky after World Championships
Maui News after World Championships

Contest Results:
4th X-Games Qualifier Venice Bch. 1,000 spectators
8th X-Games (highest placing American) 30,000 spectators
6th World Championships 5,000 spectators