Thumper Nagasako has made the leap from his solitary practice on an island in the Pacific to competing in huge events such as the X-Games, Gravity Games and World Championships.

His passion has taken him all over the US
and all the way to Germany and England.

Since he was 11 years old he wanted
to become pro and once he started he never looked back. His career hasn't been easy.

He has had many broken bones, torn ligaments, and the huge disadvantage he has had from training away from other pros to inspire him.

In 2008 he moved from Hawaii to Woodward, PA to further pursue his career.

Thumper Nagasako's unrelenting tenacity brought him from grass roots to world renowned.

Sponsors:, Razor skates.
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Born: 1983 Maui Hawaii
Years Rolling: 14